Allama Enamul Haque Shikderসম্পাদনা

Allama Enamul Haque Shikder is one of the greatest expert of prophetic tradition in Bangladesh who is said as Shaikhul Hadith is a Imam of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat. He was born on 1th January 1966 in Bagerhat in Bangladesh. His father name is Hafej Mawlana Abdul Bari Shikder. He completed his primary education in a Madrasah named Rajoir Nesaria near their village in his childhood. After the complete of primary education he passed secondary and higher secondary education in Kaderia Taibia Kamil Madrasah in Dhaka. Then he passed Fazil with 7th position in Bangladesh Madrasah Board and Kamil in Hadith from Chittagong Nesaria Kamil (M.A) Madrasah.