This template is used to record an article's successful promotion to good article status in an article talk page message box. This also adds article talk pages to Category:Wikipedia good articles and to Category:Wikipedia CD Selection-GAs.

Do not add this template to an article if it has not had a review on a subpage of the article's talk page. To nominate a good article, use {{subst:GAN}}.


{{GA|date=~~~~~|oldid=111479937|topic=কম্পিউটিং এবং প্রকৌশল|page=১}} yields:

আরো দেখুনসম্পাদনা

টেমপ্লেট:GA talk message boxes



The date of the promotion


The ID of the reviewed version


The talk subpage number where the review was conducted

topic (alias subtopic)

The main topic of the article; the list of main topics can be found here


yes = Makes it a smaller right floating message box with smaller icon