Curd of Bogra

Curd of Bogra (বাংলা: বগুড়ার দই) is a special kind of yoghurt which is found only in Bogra. It is a traditional food of Bangladesh and popular all over the world.

History সম্পাদনা

Ghetu Ghosh of Sherpur in Bogra district is known to be the inventor of Curd of Bogra.[১] On the other hand, Gaur Gopal Ghosh was the inventor of creamed curd in Bogra. This curd was also called Nawabbari curd.[২] In patronage of Nawab Altaf Ali, curd production started in Bogra city.[৩]

Sir John Anderson, Yahya Khan, Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria and many other famous persons ate Curd of Bogra. Even Yahya Khan sent this food to important persons to bring them to his side.[৪]

In 1968, Gaur Gopal and his brother set up a curd factory in Bogra.[৩] After the independence of Bangladesh, Muharram Ali, Rafat Ali and Ahsanul Kabir of Daighar ushered in a new era in Bogra curd production and marketing.[৫]

Market সম্পাদনা

About 100 shops in Bogra district sell curd worth Tk 25 to 30 lakh per day and earn Tk 100 crore annually.[৫] There are 240 large and medium scale and about 300 curd factories in Bogra. More than 5,000 workers work in those factories. Due to the effect of corona outbreak in 2020, the curd market in Bogra has become almost down. Most of the more than these workers of industry have become unemployed.[৬]

Stores সম্পাদনা

Currently, there are many stores that sell Curd of Bogra:[৭]

  • Asia Sweetmeat in the city
  • Doighar in the city
  • Kuranu in Chelopara
  • Ruchita in Nawabbari
  • Akbaria in Kabi Nazrul Islam Road
  • Doibazar in BRTC Market
  • Mistimahal
  • Satmathar Daighar
  • Muharram Ali
  • Sherpur Daighar
  • Chinipata

Formula সম্পাদনা

Although the history of Bogra Yogurt is about two and a half years old, the Golden Age was in the pre-independence period.[৫] At that time its preparation method was very secret. This privacy could no longer be maintained. Now many traders make yoghurt in Sherpur. The number of Ghosh family members is much less among them.[৮]

To make curd of Bogra you need cow's milk, sugar, a small amount of old curd and a clay pot. This curd is made by boiling milk in a pan.[৯][টীকা ১]

Note সম্পাদনা

  1. The recipe is for one kg of curd. Ingredients - 2 kg of cow's milk, 250 gms of sugar, a small amount of old curd and a clay pot.

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