This is the {{str number}} meta-template.

It takes a string as parameter, and returns the number of leading digits. It can count up to 25, and returns 25 if there are more.

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If the parameter is empty or undefined, zero is returned:

{{str number}} returns 0
{{str number|}} returns 0
{{str number| }} returns 0

The count is interrupted by anything but the ten digits:

{{str number|abcde}} returns 0
{{str number|123456}} returns 6
{{str number| 123456}} returns 6
{{str number|123 456}} returns 3
{{str number|1234abc}} returns 4
{{str number|1234abc56}} returns 4

If there are more than 24 leading digits, 25 is returned:

{{str number|123456789012345678901234}} returns 24
{{str number|1234567890123456789012345}} returns 25
{{str number|12345678901234567890123456}} returns 26
{{str number|123456789012345678901234a}} returns 24
{{str number|1234567890123456789012345a}} returns 25
{{str number|12345678901234567890123456a}} returns 26

The maximum is reduced if the template is called in a template parameter:

{{1x|{{str number|1234567890123456789012345}}}} returns 25

This is caused by the template depth limit (the character in a specific position of the given string is determined only if the preceding characters are all digits, hence the parser functiions are nested): if the result of finding the character in a specific position of the given string is an expansion depth error message, this message is not a digit.

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