{{dated prod|concern = |month = জুলাই|day = ১৪|year = ২০২৪|time = ২৩:২৪|timestamp = 20240714232402}}

টেমপ্লেট নথি[দেখুন] [সম্পাদনা] [ইতিহাস] [শোধন]

Template:Prod is used to tag articles for proposed deletion where it is believed that the deletion would be uncontroversial. If consensus would need to be reached first, then the articles for deletion process is probably more appropriate. You may also wish to check the criteria for speedy deletion as well.

If this template is removed from the article and the removal was not vandalism, then do not replace it. See WP:CONTESTED for more information.

Place the following text at the top of the article being proposed for deletion.


Make sure to replace reason, with a brief rationale why the page is being proposed for deletion. The template must be substituted, i.e. subst: must be used, otherwise an error will appear. When posted correctly, an emphatic 'proposed for deletion' notice will appear at the top of the page.

When saving the page, ensure that the edit summary states that you've proposed deletion. You may also wish to post further information on the article's talk page.