Category:FROM CATEGORY সম্পাদনা

Nominator's rationale: NEED REASON.
টেমপ্লেট নথি[দেখুন] [সম্পাদনা] [ইতিহাস] [শোধন]

Usage সম্পাদনা

{{subst:cfd2|Category|header=Section header on discussion page|text=Your reason(s) for the proposed deletion. ~~~~}}
{{subst:cfm2|FromCategory|IntoCategory|text=Your reason(s) for the proposed merge. ~~~~}}
{{subst:cfr2|CatOldName|CatNewName|text=Your reason(s) for the proposed rename. ~~~~}}
{{subst:cfr2|CatOldName|to be determined by consensus|text=Your reason(s) for the proposed rename. ~~~~}}
{{subst:cfs2|CatOldName|Cat1NewName|Cat2NewName|text=Your reason(s) for the proposed rename. ~~~~}}
Convert to article
{{subst:cfc2|FromCategory|ToArticle|text= Your reason(s) for the proposed conversion. ~~~~}}
  1. The header parameter is optional. If it is omitted, the template will create a section heading using "Category:" followed by the nominated category CatOldName or FromCategory.
  2. CatOldName and CatNewName DO NOT take ':Category' or 'Category' in the name, just use the {{PAGENAME}} (bare name) form without the namespace prefix.
  3. Do not use quotes in your text reasons. The equals sign is enough to delimit your reasons.
  4. Several reasons can be tacked out and separated on different lines using '<br>' but the text reason cannot contain any newline characters. The closing '}}' will delimit the end of your text.
  5. You may continue under the template generated text with an amplified comment indented by a single colon (':') then sign. But do Sign, please! (There is no easy way to check history to see who added what!)