This template will categorise tagged articles into বিষয়শ্রেণী:উইকিপিডিয়ার নিবন্ধ যার উল্লেখযোগ্যতা পরিস্কার নয়. This template is a self-reference. It should never be used with subst.


  • {{Notability|date=মে ২০২১}}


  • {{Notability|1=Org|date=মে ২০২১}} if a specific wording is wanted. ("Org" can be changed to any of the options in the list below.)

Providing no arguments to the template will link to the generic notability guidelines. An optional argument renders the message more specific. Specific options include:

Academics or prof {{Notability|Academics|date=মে ২০২১}}
Astro {{Notability|Astro|date=মে ২০২১}}
Biographies or Bio {{Notability|Biographies|date=মে ২০২১}}
Books or Book {{Notability|Books|date=মে ২০২১}}
Companies or corp {{Notability|Companies|date=মে ২০২১}}
Events or Event {{Notability|Events|date=মে ২০২১}}
Films, Film, Movies, or Movie {{Notability|Films|date=মে ২০২১}}
Institutions {{Notability|Institutions|date=মে ২০২১}}
Music {{Notability|Music|date=মে ২০২১}}
Neologisms {{Notability|Neologisms|date=মে ২০২১}}
Numbers {{Notability|Numbers|date=মে ২০২১}}
Organizations, Organisations or Org {{Notability|Organizations|date=মে ২০২১}}
Products {{Notability|Products|date=মে ২০২১}}
Sports or Sport {{Notability|Sports|date=মে ২০২১}}
Web {{Notability|Web|date=মে ২০২১}}

Otherwise the main general notability guideline article is referenced.

Use this template when an article subject is most likely non-notable. Use {{Importance}} instead when the subject probably is notable enough, but the article fails to establish notability (as is often the case with short stub articles, and sometimes those with a lot of minutiae but an underdeveloped "big picture"). And when an article is certainly, hopelessly non-notable take it to Articles for deletion or nominate it for proposed deletion.


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