This template inserts a descriptive notice at the top of the categories whose population demands insertion of certain template instead of using the ordinary category syntax.

This template is created to replace {{File template notice}} and {{category game screenshot header}}.

This category has only one mandatory parameter: the first unnamed parameter. For example:

{{File category|অ-মুক্ত ওয়েব স্ক্রিনশট}}

It alerts the reader that the category on which the example line is inserted, is to be populated by inserting {{অ-মুক্ত ওয়েব স্ক্রিনশট}} in the licensing section of a file. This example is suitable for Category:Screenshots of web pages. It renders as follows:

Sometimes, however, a template alone does not populate the category. For example, populating Category:Screenshots of Atari games is populated by passing a specific parameter ("Atari" in this case) to the {{অ-মুক্ত ভিডিও গেমের স্ক্রিনশট}} template. This line changes the notification using the second unnamed parameter:

{{File category|অ-মুক্ত ভিডিও গেমের স্ক্রিনশট|Atari}}

It generates:

This template has two additional parameters: |insert in= and |unsure action=. The first is to tell the reader to insert the code somewhere other than the Licensing section of the file description page. The second is to tell the reader what to do in case uncertainty. For example:

{{File category|অ-মুক্ত সফটওয়্যারের স্ক্রিনশট|Screenshots of Nokia mobile devices}}


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